Advise Me

Winter 2016

College students want to autonomously make decisions about their future class schedules but run into several problems. Two that stand out are: 1) the degree audit is confusing and 2) academic advisors can be difficult communicators.




Being a college student makes me keenly aware of the hardships students take to understand the degree audit and make decisions about future classes. My process included creating user stories, interviewing my peers, prototyping, user testing, evaluating and re-evaluating my product.




I developed Lior after talking to several Northeastern undergraduate students. He represents an average student (with not so average style) who struggles with the academic system at Northeastern. Throughout my process, I refined his characteristics and kept him as a "north star" in order to create a successful product.

"I hate dealing with academic advisors. Since I have a double major, I can't seem to get them on the same page about my schedule." - Northeastern Student

Lior has a passion for technology hence his major in computer science. He has recently been having doubts about his major and whether he should keep his other double major in finance and drop computer science. He worries that he has come so far, and doesn’t want to fail.


Initially, AdviseMe focused on the micro planning of classes hour by hour within a semester, trying to compete with Courseoff. After user testing I realized that AdviseMe should instead focus on macro planning, semester to semester. With this new focus, AdviseMe can fill a gap that exists in the market.


AdviseMe is a robust product that universities can provide their students to help them manage their college career. It uses student's university credentials to know each student's past and present classes. AdviseMe notifies times for students to study, allows storage for notes and class documents, and suggests future class schedules. With this tool, students can more confidently make decisions about their path in college.